Welcome to Belmont School (Surrey)

At Belmont School we believe that the happiness and well-being of every pupil is of paramount importance and lies at the heart of a successful education. We invest in these qualities in a school where kindness, respect and first-class pastoral care underpin all that we do. We have inspirational teachers whose dynamism and energy enrich the pupils' educational experiences using their impressive skills, creativity and enthusiasm. We believe in achievement for every boy and girl, and the pupils at Belmont exude a palpable energy that speaks for itself.

Belmont now offers senior education for boys and girls aged 11 to 16, giving pupils an exceptional preparation for GCSE without the stress of entrance examinations at 11+ or 13+. As part of the expansion, we are investing in our staff and facilities, please visit our Senior page to find out more about the Aquileon Building.

Headmistress' Welcome